The Vista Apartment For Rent

Vista District 2 apartment address Ha Noi High way District 2 , Ho Chi Minh City . Currently there are still many empty apartments extremely attractive prices . Coming to Vista apartment , you can feel the its utility . However , you do not take time to go out with just 10 minutes in District 1, opposite Metro supermarket is only 4 minutes and only a few international schools only 5 minutes.
+ 3 bedrooms Apartment The Vista D2, using area of 135 Sqm , swimming pool view , fully furnished. the rental of $ 1,200 / month

Some picture of apartments at The Vista An Phu

The-vista-district-2-for-rent can-ho-mau-the-vista-08 can-ho-mau-the-vista-07 can-ho-mau-the-vista-10 can-ho-mau-the-vista-09 can-ho-mau-the-vista-06 cho-thue-can-ho-the-vista-7 cho-thue-can-ho-the-vista-3 the-vista-apartment-for-rent-in-district-2-8 cho-thue-can-ho-the-vista-1 the-vista-apartment-for-rent-in-district-2-4 the-vista-apartment-for-rent-in-district-2-5 ban-can-ho-the-vista-an-phu-6 ban-can-ho-the-vista-an-phu-1 vista-apartment-for-rent


However, we also have some other apartments for rent The Vista District 2

  • 3 bedrooms Apartment for rent, pool view: 135 ~ 140m2, The rental from $900/month – $1,000/month (unfurnished apartment)
  •  3 bedrooms Apartment river view for rent: 135 ~ 140m2,  unfurnished, The rental from $1,050 / month – $1,150/month

We also have 2 bedrooms apartments The Vista for lease, fully furnished, The rental from $850/month – $1,000/month (depending on the view, the floor, the furniture in side apartment)

Or 2 bedrooms apartments The Vista for lease fully furnished, The rental from $750/month – $850/month (depending on the view, the floor)

Or Penthouse The Vista for rent with 4 to 5 bedrooms (3 floors – the terrace on the top floor), Riverview – Swimming pool view – Ha Noi Highway view, The rental from 3,500usd to 4,500usd per month

Or Duplex apartment The Vista for rent with 4 to 5 bedrooms (2 floors), The rental from 3,500usd to 4,500usd per month

The Vista facilities:
+ Swimming pool, lawn tennis , sauna , gym , … and there are frequent buses go through , you can find suitable flights .
+ Generator – power back up : 100 %
Coming to Vista apartments, which you can enjoy your comfortable life.

Please contact : Ms Yan 0919462121 or +84919462121
email :
For more choice u can search this The Vista aprtments for rent  or District 2 Apartments for lease
Your joy is also our joy

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