Villa Riviera in District 2 Saigon riverside

Riviera Villas on 60 Giang Van Minh Street, An Phu Ward, District 2 located along the Saigon River peaceful, enjoyed and airy space due to natural poetic gift. With the desire to bring nature into the home, creating the best living conditions for the people and investors to design a complex building space including gardens, swimming pools, parks for leisure, sport and a variety of other system facilities.

bo-song-villa-riviera biet-thu-riivera-quan-2

After the stressful working hours, you can walk home along the road under a blue Sources untouched by the roadside trees, breathing the fresh air of the twilight.

The entire Villa Riviera in District 2 has a total of 101 villas of the same design from the exterior styling to the layout, arranged inside the premises. In campus 300m2, each villa is built ground floor, 2 floors, with gardens, private garare.

In order to make clear the absolute spatial, entire walls of Riviera villa An Phu with outside space used material from glass. From inside each room you can enjoy the outside space through the glass partition. The vertical lines, square edges with white color dominant showed elegance and modern style of this villa design.

bo-song-villa-riviera-03 biet-thu-riivera-quan-2

Villa Riviera is surrounded by concrete fence system, as their separation with the surrounding area. Many residents said they felt safe and enjoyable living here, because in addition to the facilities available, it also ensures safety by security forces 24/24. Riviera Villa in An Phu District 2 occupies a very favorable position, located in Hanoi Highway axis-arterial roads connecting the city to the eastern provinces, and northern China. From here you are only 10 minutes by motorbike to the city center. The area around the focus villas, luxury apartments, close to the international system …




Comeing to Villa Riviera along the Saigon River to enjoy authentic life!

Riviera villas for sale in District 2

Riviera villas for rent in District 2

Riviera Villa for rent in An Phu Ward District 2

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